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Our offer

We offer you painless comprehensive dental treatment in the field of:


reconstruction of single and multiple missing teeth (also in the case of complete toothlessness) with the use of dental implants
bone augmentation procedures etc.



general dentistry

light-cured composite fillings with materials ensuring high aesthetics and durability
reconstruction of lost tooth fragments with a light-cured composite

laser treatment

gum correction, frenulum correction, uncovering implants, gingival curettage;
laser teeth whitening;

microscopic endodontics (root canal treatment using a microscope)

root canal treatment in one visit
dental treatment after accidents and injuries
removal of broken tools/inserts from the root canal system

dental prosthetics, including:

porcelain crowns and bridges on zirconium oxide
porcelain veneers
porcelain cosmetic fillings (inlay, onlay)
skeletal prostheses
telescopic prostheses

Interventional microsurgery

implantology; atraumatic extraction of impacted teeth; procedures in the field of endodontic microsurgery (resections of the root tip)
guided bone regeneration procedures (GBR, GTR)
treatments using platelet-rich fibrin (A-PRF, I-PRF)

dental surgery

atraumatic tooth extraction
root apex resections

prevention and hygienization

removal of tartar, discoloration and plaque deposits
tooth fluoridation
prevention of periodontitis

Treatment of children

Treatment of bruxism

X-ray and tomography diagnostics

Ozone therapy

Painless computer anesthesia

Overlay orthodontic treatment Orthero® - an alternative to classic fixed braces 


We care for your teeth with passion and commitment.
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